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Hate or Fear?

  • Hate lives. Hate consumes. Hate mesmerizes. Hate deceives. Hate is a shapeshifter. Hate destroys.

    Hate is fear.

    Fear of the unknown. Fear of the perceived danger. Fear of being wrong. Fear of change. Fear of being left out. Fear of being different. Fear of not being in control.

    True leaders shine a light on those who rule and live by instilling fear in others so they can no longer lurk in the shadows. They show us that it's ok to be afraid of something. But, it's not ok to let that fear grow into hate. Instead, a true leader will help us to see that we can overcome our fear. Perhaps the unknown isn't so bad. Perhaps it's something new to learn, experience, feel, or at least to trust that it won't hurt us.

    Perhaps the perceived danger was an illusion created by a fear monger who only feels powerful when creating chaos, mistrust, and hate. Avoid this sort of leader at all cost, because it just may cost you all. This sort of leader only looks out for themself. Whatever it takes to stay in power, to have wealth, control, and accolades. This is not a leader but instead a megalomaniac.

    Perhaps being wrong isn't so bad. Perhaps, just perhaps, it is a learning experience. As humans, we grow stronger as we learn. We empower ourselves with the wisdom that learning new things can bring us. Those that cannot, or will not, acknowledge their mistakes are dangerous. Especially if it's someone in power. This is the type that starts wars based on lies. That stokes hate and fear to cover up their own fallibility.

    Perhaps change is a good thing. To remain mired in the past, or to repeat past transgressions, is a road to despair. We must move forward. We must live for today and prepare for tomorrow. We must strive to leave things better than when we found them. Leaders who will carry us forward, who will fight for change are the the ones with the courage to lead us into tomorrow.

    As for being left out. Perhaps you aren't being left out. Perhaps you are standing outside and not letting yourself in. I know this. I have done this. Let yourself be part of things. Let yourself connect and plugin. Don't stand outside any longer. It's not easy, but nothing worthwhile is. You need to do it now because no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. Any leader who regales one part of society while vilifying another is not trustworthy as the wind changes quickly with these sorts. If you're in their favor one day, poof goes the wind and you are then downwind of a very nasty experience. These sorts of leaders sow mistrust, fear/hate, and lie to keep their position. Look for a leader who is inclusive - who works for all.

    Being different - it's not a bad thing. Everyone is different. We were not built to be clones. Are you a little more, or a lot more, different than others you know? Well, that's great! Embrace it. Embrace who you are. Let other people experience you! Think of it as a gift. You are unique. Be unique. There will be others who may not accept you as you are, due to the above list of fears. Perhaps they will over time. But if they won't, then they are too closed-minded to allow themselves to truly live and experience all that life has to offer. A good leader will accept people as they are and celebrate the uniqueness of us. Whereas, a leader who will cringe at the differences and devalue a person based on those differences is one to avoid. This sort of leader will not have compassion for the destitute, sick, displaced, or others in need.

    That last one, "fear of not being in control" can be a bit tougher. There are times when someone with more experience, better knowledge and ideas, will need to take the reins.  You are still in control of yourself, always. But, sometimes you need to let others handle decisions that they were trained to do. It can't always be you making the rules. Sometimes, you need to follow in order to have a better life. Steer clear of those who want total control. Those sorts are dangerous and will do anything, anything at all, to have power and control. 

    Our power is in our individuality, our compassion, our differences, our desire to do good. Our power is in our ability to see a wrong and to try to correct it the best we can. That power can conquer fear and as such, can also quell the hate.



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