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Revealing the soul By Stephen Linden-Wyatt

  • Revealing the soul is the debut collection of poetry by UK born poet and Children's author, Stephen Linden-Wyatt. Residing in Lincolnshire, not far from the original Boston, Stephen skillfully, reveals his soul through his poems.

    Revealing the soul contains just under 30 poems in 6 chapters. The chapters are:

    Political & Peace
    Other (general category)

    Stephen is a person who has battled depression. He shares his fight in articles on his blog and through his poetry. Although dark, his depression poetry is quite revealing in what it can be like to suffer. You can view his blog by clicking here.

    There is a light hearted side to the book too, Stephen shares some poetry about his passion for running and even his secret crush. 

    Revealing the soul is self-published via Amazon and can be brought as an eBook or in paperback from anywhere in the world that Amazon sell.

    To view more about Revealing the soul and Stephen's other books, please click here.


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