To Write or Not to Write, that is the Question

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    October 25, 2014 4:42 PM EDT
    My son asked me what I want to do. I thought about it and said I need to earn. He said, "Take that out of the equation and what is the answer?"

    Good question. The answer is write. However, reality bites. I have bills to pay. Since I'm out of work, that's $2000 we are under for bills and I do mean under. We have to have that. It's not frills. We are living on savings.

    Yes, I want to write. If I had a million bucks, I would get another laptop and just write and publish my books.

    In today's world, do writers really earn enough to live on? Is it really possible to follow that dream and not have to also work?

    Just thought I would throw this question out there to see what the rest of you do. More importantly, what do you WANT to do?

  • October 25, 2014 5:42 PM EDT
    When all is said and done I want to write. However, earning a living takes priority I have no idea if it's possible for me to earn enough from writing. Especially since I have not yet published anything. And my current job takes about 50-60 hours a week.
    Is it possible for some to earn enough? Yes it is. However, statistics show that a mere single digit percentage of writers earn enough to make it their full time career. I sincerely hope you are one of those.
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    October 25, 2014 5:50 PM EDT
    Thank you! Hope you can too.
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    October 25, 2014 6:44 PM EDT
    I think in the end, the trick is to diversify. A lot of writers that I've seen who are earning a comfortable income start with one book, get fans and do a series. They add more series. They help with editing. They do book and blog tours. They work on screenplays and script writing. They've done editorial writing. They've done how-tos and non-fiction help articles.

    Writing one or two books, no, I don't think you can make a living that way. But if your goal is simply WRITING, you can, it just takes having your fingers in lots of pots. Many places are looking for freelance writers for articles and things too, so you can do that. Humor websites are always looking for articles. There are tons of ways to write and make money if you're willing do lots of things instead of just ONE thing.
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    February 17, 2023 10:54 AM EST

    All good suggestios on how to earn some profit while being a writer.