FS Good Ole Igor

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    September 6, 2014 6:18 PM EDT
    His parents named him Igor. Maybe it was his name that made him so insanely weird. It could have been the constant teasing throughout his childhood.

    "Hey Igor, where's Frankenstein?"

    "Igor, did your mommy let you up from the basement?"

    Whatever it was, this dude had a patent for weird. His hair quite possibly was some piece of modern artwork piled atop his ample head. It waved, and stuck up in every direction. The top of his head was sort of like a melon, round and full - quite a bit larger than the rest of his head. This, coupled with the wild way in which he would study a person, added to his air of weirdness.

    He never matched his clothes. Not for color nor to the weather. He would wear a blue wool sweater, purple shorts and orange galoshes on a hot summer day. At least he was clean though and his teeth brushed though most wondered how he could brush such crooked teeth without mangling said toothbrush. He also smelled nice, yesiree he did. Why every day he would put on some Chanel #5 or perhaps some Charlie perfume, whatever he could find in the women's section as he never wore men's cologne.

    Now, it just so happened that Igor liked to experiment. He had a great lab set up in, of all places, his basement. On a stormy Friday evening, which just so happened to be on the 13th day of July, he decided to conduct a grand experiment. Though the lights were flickering on and off, he paid no attention as he was lost in his project. Just as he was about to mix some chemicals, a loud CRACK resounded through the house followed by a huge BOOM of thunder, wind and rain. This precipitated a loss of power in his area, which of course, would not stop him from continuing by candle light...
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    August 16, 2022 1:07 PM EDT

    You'll find my story https://literarysocial.com/article/good-ole-igor there. I will add to it from time to time.