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Risque Romance Vol 1


Mia was perfectly happy with her boring mid-twenties life, thank you very much. So she didn't have many friends, or a man. Maybe her job kind of sucked, and hobbies hadn't caught up with her yet. There was still plenty of time, at least that's what she told herself each night before tucking into her lonely bed. Then tall, dark, and sinful Erik blazed into her life, showing her all that she was missing...and more. After finally experiencing real bliss, could she truly let him go?

Tired of living a solitary existence for centuries, Dieri Bastiz sought peace from the Romani that had cursed him so long ago. The same ones that he'd hunted until he'd sated his thirst for vengeance. When Mirela appears into his path like a bird in flight, he finds the spark his life had been missing for so long. Yet all is not as it seems at this quiet faire. Can monsters truly be redeemed, or does loyalty reign?

What would you risk, to have it all?

  • Price $9.99
  • Short Description Two couples, two quirks of fate that can bring them together or tear them apart. What would you risk to have it all?
  • Location United States


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