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  • I use to call my Mom a bumblebee because she was always buzzing around talking to people, sharing their stories with others. She was the town hall of our family. If you wanted to know an address, anniversary, or who stumped their toe Friday night at Aunt Jean's, call my Mom. Anyway, she passed away a few weeks ago. This little story actually happened the night before she died. Well, the firefly didn't talk. But I heard it anyway......FireflyFirefly, firefly come sit by me. Share your tales of nights gone by. Shine your light into this dark night.Lighting on the arm of her chair, I speak my words only she can hear. Oh sweet lady, what adventures I have had. What joy and wonderment the world does hold.Landing lightly in the palm of her hand, I am astonished that she hears me. I have delightful things to share and many stories to tell, if you have a moment to spare.There are mountains to climb, and clouds to watch; there are rivers that flow and stars that shine; and there are flowers to smell and rain to listen to.She listens intently as I tell tales of whispers in the night, of love found and lost, of babies gurgles and simple pleasures. My wings flutter as I rise from her hand to rest upon her shoulder.The stories continue long into the night, then as my light begins to fade, I rush to finish to the end.Above all things I have seen and done, there is one thing I must know. Please tell me sweet lady about the love in your heart. Tell me quick before I must go, do you love, how does it feel? Is it pure and is it dear?Hearing the whispers of the bug in my ear, tears form and fall upon my cheeks. Oh yes, little bug, all kinds of love fills my heart. Take all the wonders that you have seen and heard and know it won't come close to the love in my heart.The tears still flow as my breath catches quick. My heart is full and empty too. With love there comes pain and joy, peace and comfort. But the love most precious of all is the love we take for granted. The love we don't miss until it's gone.He rises from my shoulder and buzzes around my face as his light begins to waver, I know I must end.You see dear firefly, for all the wonders of the world, there is no wonder greater than the love from heaven.There are mountains to climb, and clouds to watch; there are rivers that flow and stars that shine; and there are flowers to smell and rain to listen to. Most of all, there is love to behold.There are hands to be held, lips to be kissed, whispers to be heard, laughter to be shared. There are tears to wipe, and anger to be cooled. There are hearts to be mended and lives to be lived.And then one day, there is love to be lost. No mountain, no cloud, no star above can heal the wound of love that is lost.The firefly begins to turn away. Off into the night I see his light flicker low as he turns to me and whispers his final words.Oh sweet lady, do you not know, that all you love is here to stay? Whether day or night, or near or far, love never pales. Have no fear of losing the love, it comes alive with only a thought. So close your eyes, and think of me for once I was your bumblebee.Firefly