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Your Eyes Will Never Lie to Me

  • Look into my eyes, and peer into my soul
    There's just one price to pay, just one tiny toll
    Blue brown grey or green they're all a sight to see
    But look into the soul of man, to see who they really be

    See their soul, see their pain, see their love as well
    See what they truly think when no one else can tell
    Throwing up defenses so that no one can get near
    But look into their eyes and relieve that persons fear

    Show that person that you see past their many walls
    Show that person that you'll be there for their many falls
    Show that person that you can be someone they will trust
    Show that person that your love is certainly a must


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  • Tiffany B You're very wise, Hydrawolf! More people should take a step back to understand other people better, indeed.