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The beginning of it all.....(Through Sami's eyes)

  • *A little back story to this writing*: This is a short story about the Original Character Sami Maia Von DeathReaper. It takes place the events of the day Sami met Damon (who is now her husband) for the second time. For those who don't know, Sami was originally suppose to marry Damon when she was five, but Damon refused and then a lot of stuff went down, I won't give too much away. This blog is PRIOR to their second meeting, it basically gives a little back story to Sami and how her life was before Damon. I Hope whoever reads this, Enjoys! Feed back will be greatly appreciated! Thank You! Xo

    Love Always,
    "The Queen" Sami Maia Von DeathReaper

    Lost in a dream, I am standing face to face with him. My Emerald Green eyes are lost deep into his Iridescent Blue eyes and my heart is racing. Our bodies are now becoming closer and closer as I start to hear a song playing, this man looks like he is about to say something but when he opens his sweet, kissable lips, all I hear is “Til’ now I always got by on my own, I never really cared until I met you…” and at that moment is when I wake up, gasping for air like as if I was falling into something, but I had escaped. I look around and I hear my alarm going off, it’s playing “Alone” by Heart, I reach over and I hit the alarm aggressively, groaning and then eventually sitting up looking around and shaking my head, the dream I had just encountered felt so real.

    I Step my feet on the ground and look at the floor as a soft chuckle escape my lips. “Oh it’s ok Satan, I won’t kill ya today…” I say as I would stand and stretch my petite, lithe, pixie like body. I rub my eyes as they begin to focus and I look around admiring the colors of my bedroom. The Pinks, The Purples and most of all Black, it wasn’t a bedroom for a typical 247 year old, but it was perfect for a female Demonic Fae who acted more Fae than anything. I scurry to my personal bathroom, stripping from my tank top and boy shorts as I made my way there, I needed to get ready for work and quickly. I get into the shower, wash my body, hair and face and step out to dry off. I flash my outfit on, it was a pinstriped suit, with a Red and Black lace shirt, I guess you could say I looked professional for an Assassin. I made sure my hair and makeup were just right and I would walk out the bathroom, grabbing my keys and purse and leaving my bedroom looking like who did it ran.

    I make my way down the stairs, and my hair was perfectly flowing at this point. I see my twin brother heading for the door; he must be on his way out as well. “Bye Chase!” I yell, but he doesn’t say anything back, he must have not heard me, or he is just ignoring me, After all we did get into a heated argument the night before. I sigh and then head for the door as well, open it and walk out, shutting the door behind me and I see that it’s raining in New Orleans, and I forgot to grab my umbrella. I look around, tracing my eyes around the neighborhood and I notice that no one is watching me or notices me, so I use one of my many powers. I hold my finger up in the air, to wave it around and then the rain stops, it was now a beautiful, sunny 85 degree day in New Orleans. I smile to myself as I head to my Red 2014 Audi R8, I walk around it to make sure nobody had messed with my baby during the night and smile and clap some, she wasn't harmed. I get into my car and I start it up, and I almost moan at the way she purrs. I turn the Air Conditioning on and then the radio, Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” was on and I turn it up loudly, one of the many songs I can relate to. I pull out of my driveway and I speed off, trying to get to the highway before I hit rush hour traffic.
    Once reaching the highway, I had beaten the traffic and I made my way downtown to the Agency I work for. I park my car in the VIP section of the parking garage and I walk into the agency, I was greeted by a few and others just snickered at me, it was hard for them to believe that I am an Assassin, let alone the best Female one around. I make my way to my office, passing my best friend Luis, I give him a gentle wave, as he was getting ready to out onto a mission. I open my office door, drop my stuff and walk to my desk. I look at my desk and I see a note from Mr. Blaire, my boss. I open the note and read it; it was about today’s mission. I set the note down and then flash over to my closet and I quickly change into my Black leather suit, my Black Lucky boots and my long, Dark Brown hair is in a ponytail. I head out the doors of my office and I head towards the back stairway and I begin to walk down them, I stop half way, and I hold my hands out as I teleport myself to the jungles of Africa with my Fae light.

    Upon entering the Jungle, I look around and I stick my nose up in the air, catching the scents, there was so many, but I was only looking for one. I close my eyes and I concentrate and I smell a strong irony scent. I envision the scent in my head and it is a male, a halfling like I, but he was half human and Fae and the agency sent me out to kill him. On what charges are you wondering? He was accused and found guilty of rape, abuse and abandonment. This was truly a high risk case, especially for I, for I could relate to his victims. As I came closer to my target, I noticed that he was lifeless already; someone had already completed MY mission. I reach down in my garter that is wrapped around my leg and I grab my large throwing knife. Before I could get any closer, I stop as a man appeared in front of my target beheading him. I growl low under my breath, I usually would have gone to attack, but I didn’t dare, I knew this Assassin wasn’t a match for me. He had to stand about 6’6” with a large muscular build. Where I was only 5’0” and I was tiny compared him, he could easily throw me around like a rag doll. I sigh and I see the man teleport away. “FUCKING FREELANCE ASSASSINS!!!!!” I scream out as I quickly take my knife and put it away. I teleport back to the Agency and I notice that everyone was getting ready to go home.

    I watch everyone pack up and I see Luis on his way out, so I quickly stop him. “Hey!! Luis!!!” I watch him jump at my loud voice and then he stopped to turn around. I walk over to him and he had his hands on his hips, he looks like he is in a hurry. “Hey, did you want to go get drinks?” I asked him and he shook his head no as he blushed. “No Sweety, I have a date…” I give him an arched brow and a smile as patted him on the shoulder. “Well, you better tell me about it tomorrow and if he gets too frisky….you know who to call…Haha!” I tell him with a sweet devious smirk across my face. Luis chuckled and he shook his head, as he hugged me and he walked out the door. I go back to my office, strip down and I put on my outfit that I was wearing earlier in the day. I gather my things, I walk out of my office and shut the door behind me, I then would flash to my car, get in and drive off as headed home. I did make one stop however, I went to the grocery store, bought a bag of popcorn, pixie sticks and chocolate. I made my purchases, and I walked out, got in my car and I drove home.

    I pull in my driveway and I see Chase’s Audi A8 in the driveway, “Time to face the music…” I said under my breath as I get out and I walk to the door, unlocking it with key and walking in as I am greeted by my pet cat “Miss Donatella Kitty Litter” or just simply “Kitty”. I bent down and pet her as she rubbed against my leg. I chuckled as I place the bags down and I pick up my cat. I held her close to me and then I would sniff around, I could smell my brother’s scent but it was faint, this showed he had been gone for some time now. “Well Chase must of teleported to downtown….Tuesday nights are his hunting nights….” I said to Kitty and I place her down and she would walk to her dish, now meowing at me. “Yes, Yes Kitty, I know, You need to eat….” I fill her dish with her dry food and I give her some fresh water. I watch her eat and I sigh softly and I sit and wonder what my life has been. I haven’t been able to find a decent man, well I have a few times, but I was always afraid of taking the next step, or better yet, going on a third date with them. It had seemed the I had a two date limit before fear would fill my heart. I sigh softly and I simply say “Fuck it!” I flash upstairs and I put on a skimpy Black negligee that showed every curve, every inch of my body that some would call sheer perfection. I never looked at it that way; I always thought I was too short, too small and too whiney at times. As I look at myself in the mirror I start laughing at myself. “What am I doing? Why am I wearing this? I have no one to wear this for…” I said to myself as I continued to laugh at myself. “I mean I guess a grown woman can wear something sexy for herself right? I mean if I don’t wear it now, I doubt I will ever wear it!” I shrug and then walk downstairs, barefoot and all.

    I walk to my liquor cabinet; I pull out a rather large bottle of Absinthe and a small vile that contained blood of a Wolverine. I take a glass and make myself a drink, I down the drink and I make myself another. I bring the glass, the Wolverine blood and the Absinthe to the living area along with my bag of popcorn. I plop myself on the couch and I open my bag of popcorn, only to see my cat come running at me, I look at her and all I can do is shake my head. I grab the remote to the T.V. and I start to flick through the channels as I take gulps of my drink. I come across the beginning of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” starring Audrey Hepburn and I start reciting the movie word from word, because I can, no one was home but me, myself and I and well the cat. As I continue to watch the movie, I slowly feel myself getting drunk and I continue to drink, little did I know I was now being watched and tonight would be the night where my eternal life will change forever.


  • Donna B Thanks for sharing. It has a lot of action and since I'm not familiar with this storyline, it's harder for me to comment but it looks like an interesting story idea.
  • Sami Musco Thank You! Yes, I figured it would be a little tough for some to follow because I haven't completed the entire story, this was just a sample or a "taste" of the story if you will. I have a feeling I may end up just posting the beginning of...  more
  • Donna B Sounds cool. We do have the DMCA on here now. That helps with copyright protection.