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Losing Taurus Once More

  • A/N - Audio above again! A little chatting at the end, hope you enjoy. Subscribe to my youtube for extra things on my books - the link is in my bio! January 2010Dear Diary,Jaden hasn't been talking to me. He told me he left to go out of town with his father for a little bit. He's been gone for six months, he hasn't called or texted. He'll call soon. Why his father is on a business trip, I dunno. They'll come back soon, Jaden's probably just busy with helping his father.Jaden's mother, though I call her mom, is still there. She carries on her life as usual. I wonder if Jaden called her. My thoughts are bitter, I guess.But, am I simply fooling myself. He hasn't sent anything in six months. Why do trips last for six months? Was he really going to come back? I miss him. I hope he does, heaven's sake - I won't have anyone to edit my works. He knows I can't write.I've sent a few messages, though he never responded. Did he get a new number? Did he die? Well, I'd be called if he died. Were too close.I woke up the morning he had been gone for six months."Thealia, breakfast is waiting. Get your áss down or there's not going to be anything left!" I rolled my eyes and limped down the stairs.The smell entered my nose, sending my mouth.. nothing. I wasn't hungry. That usually was a surprise. I always ate breakfast, especially my mom's. She made the best bacon and pancakes ever. My two brothers would gladly eat it though.My mind often drifted to Jaden. What was he doing now? Was he thinking about me as I was him? Did I even matter anymore? I couldn't give up my friend as he had given up on me."Hows your interview gonna go, Tee tee?" My brother, Shane, asked. Tee tee was the name Jaden had called me, my family just picked it up. There it was. The burning and my mouth filling with spit. I couldn't speak, there was too much fire down in my abdomen. I dropped my gaze, shoving him the plate.I did have an interview, for a big office company. The ones with all the desk with computers and such. I wasn't going for one of those, no, I was going for the cliche personal assistant. I wasn't going to be some slút or something, god no.Simply a woman who gets some coffee for this man, and takes some notes. That was all. It was easy money.I walked into the room, the walls were a bleak white, though they were lined with a royal blue. The place was well furnished, and well lit. I came for my designated time, 3:15. I came a bit early though, it was nice to have a good impression. I came at 3:05 instead, though I sat for an extra ten minutes staring at the small cubicles where people were working at.I stepped inside the room after being ushered in. I took a seat in front of the man. He had a jawline that could seriously, cut a bítch. My eyes followed up to his face, he had grey eyes that were a bit unique - they had a black rim to them.I smiled at him, ready to be asked questions. Boy, was I unprepared."Name, and age?" The man smiled. I had concluded that his name was Dalton Shackles. His deep voice rumbled, bouncing off the walls to my ears, than repeating the process.I got the job, though many of the questions I had to rack my brain for. Oops. I was still employed, that was great.Back home, I did my usual ritual, I checked my phone for texts and then sighed, seriously I do that, and then I slump on my bed - only to check my phone once more.That was of course, until I heard my phone ring. It was him, I knew it was. I bolted up, reaching my hand out to my phone, and answering the vibrating metal."Hello?" I quizzed."Hey, Tee tee? Why do you sound to eager?" A voice chuckled on the other end.It wasn't Jaden, of course not. I was foolish to even think so. It was Kaden, my friend not best friend, but friend. But we were close anyway."Oh, hey Kaden! What's up?" I guess I was happy to hear him, it took myself out of my misery."Nothing, I just wanted to hang out, but, are you okay?" Kaden asked, causing me to smile."Yeah, just really torn up that Jaden." I mumbled, turning onto my stomach ."Oh, how about you come over and we could order pizza and watch a movie." He offered, and I grinned again - I hoped I would eat this time."You know which kind of pizza." I replied, getting a laugh and a goodbye from the other end.I went to Kaden's house, he was older than me - seventeen. The same age as Jaden. I didn't knock, I just walked in, shutting the door behind me. "Kade, you really should lock your doors." I rolled my eyes, looking around for him,Kaden appeared from the archway to the kitchen. "You're the only one who actually tries to come, Tee." He smirked setting the phone down.I rolled my eyes, plopping down on the couch and laying down, looking up at the ceiling. "Was that the pizza?"I questioned."Only the best - pepperoni with extra heavy pepperoni." Kaden answered. I smiled and then turned to look at him. "You're the best," I smiled."I'm aware, Tee."He came over to me and then sat down at my feet, for I was still laying down."Please, Tee, please don't make us watch Finding Nemo again." Kaden groaned, looking through Netflix on the TV to find something."No, of course not Kaden. This time we're watching Home." I had a slight obsession with Disney but, oh well."Just because I love you," He replied. We did this all the time, even though we were friends."Aw, I love you too." I smiled, answering the door as the pizza came. I grabbed the pizza setting to down the table. I spun around to tell Kaden the plates were here already - but I didn't have time to call him.His lips pressed to mine, as he was behind me.Kaden Franks had kissed me, Thalia O'Connor, at 8:32 pm.