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RIP Seeking Dystopian Future Fiction Stories

  • Raven International Publishing (RIP) is seeking submissions for their 2014-2015 Winter Anthology: A Bleak New World.


    • Must be about a dystopian future
    • 1500-4500 words in length
    • You must hold the rights to the story
    • May not have been printed before
    • No simultaneous submission

    Authors, whose work is accepted into the anthology, will receive $55.00 and two complimentary copies of A Bleak New World.

    Deadline October 31, 2014.

    Submit here

    What Is a Dystopian Society?
    A dystopian society is usually described with words like unlivable, stark, and dreary. Also, notions often associated with dystopias are widespread privations and lack of personal freedoms, as well as political oppression, or systematic discrimination based on sex, age or IQ.

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