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Free Book Promotions

  • We give free book promotions for our members via social media. How do you qualify? Just be an active member here and post a blog or excerpt from your published book. We will then help you promote it via social media such as Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

    When posting your blog, please don't make it the same as you've posted elsewhere as Google doesn't like that, nor do readers. Try to make a nice post of at least 200 words but more than that is better if you can. You want to get readers interested in buying your book so give as much info as you can. A sample chapter is best. You can even put an attachment of the book cover which will make it look better. Just use the Attachment icon (right up there next to the smiley one) and once you have loaded your image, click the Inline button so it will insert into the article.

    Feel free to also create an author page for yourself, and these are similar to Facebook pages. We'll also have contests for authors later on once we have more members so be sure to keep coming back. The more active you are here, the more Google will pick up on things you do and so you will also be promoting yourself via activity here.

    If you have questions, please pm either me my author profile, .


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