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Using Gimp for Your Book Artwork

  • The free program for working with images, creating icons, etc called Gimp is similar to Photoshop and is what we've used for years to create various icons and things, resize images and make animated .gifs.

    We review free programs as not everyone can afford $300-400 programs to do what is needed for books and artwork. Gimp is one of those great free programs that, if you use it, you should donate to the project if possible.

    This program is great for making logos too. The images for our blogs and articles are resized using that program. Some images we've used on some of our sites, we made using Gimp. It is very easy to use and saves and opens various image formats.

    There are many tutorials for Gimp, so finding out how to work with it is not hard. Photoshop tutorials can even be used once you learn the ropes.

    Though it does have a built-in help system, there is also a page with documentation to download and links to various tutorials, found here . You will find fonts and various plugins to make this program even more productive.

    Give it a whirl and let us know what you think. Since this can be used for cover art and book illustrations, we include the hashtag for writingsoftware.



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