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Review - Risque Romance Vol 1 by Mandi Konesni

  • Today, we're delving into the Paranormal Romance realm. This is a genre that this reviewer doesn't read and so this is a first. My personal tastes run in the horror genre which is, under ordinary circumstances, a far cry from romance. As it's always a good idea to broaden the reading horizon, I delved into Risque Romance with an open mind. Of note, Mandi has asked for accurate, no holds barred reviews in order to learn where things click and where they may fail to hit the mark. If there's one thing any other author should learn from her, it's that attitude because we've actually had two authors leave this site due to honest critiques. If you want to be an author, you need to listen to the good and the bad and use it to learn from.

    As this book is comprised of two novellas, we'll review each one in turn.

    First up is Awakened.

    The story of Mia and Erik. We get a good feel for each of the characters as they are fairly well created for us. Our connection to Mia is formed in an empathetic bond, strengthened due to her feelings about her job choice and lack of self esteem/confidence. The mysterious Erik starts out as a harder bond to form but ends up being one we also empathize with and root for in the end.

    The book is well written and creative, drawing us into the world of an incubus and finding us rooting for him, and at times, even fantasizing along with Mia. As I tend to also be a bit old fashioned and shy, the sex scenes were a bit too graphic for my tastes. Those of you that are not used to erotic scenes might find yourselves blushing and uncomfortable as you read some of the sex scenes. You'll also most likely find yourself aroused as the scenes are also very well written with foreplay that does tingle the senses.

    Overall, this is a good read. One note to the author, I do see a tendency to over-use "ing" in starting sentences which tends to be a distraction from the flow of the scenes as it becomes monotonous to read in repetition. I suggest finding other ways to break it up in editing future books.

    Next up is Enthralled

    Dieri and Mirela's story. I found this story alluring and I didn't want to put it down (much to the displeasure of my cat who had a late lunch as I got lost in the story). I loved the way this started in the past and gave back story. I adored the characters and my emotions were stirred throughout the brief time I got to spend in this world. This one could be a movie and a tear jerker at that. It'll have you caught up in the characters and their history.

    As with the first novella, this one has some sex scenes that'll curl your toes. You do not want to read this in the company of others as you'll be blushing (if you're like me) and heated up with the fantasy. This romance is exactly that too. It stirs the emotions as you'll root for Dieri and Mirela. As with any good book, I find it always sad when it ends as I have to put the characters, that I've formed a bond with, on the bookshelf.

    This is a good read too. My only wish is that it had been longer as these characters, to me, feel like they need more of a story, it's just that good a creation. I would love to see this one fleshed out into a full novel.

    To end the review, even if you don't read romance books, you should read this one. I actually hate romance movies and just would never have picked up one if I hadn't been expanding my horizons and if I didn't know how well Mandi writes. If you love romance and erotica, paranormal romance, etc, then you'll find these two stories memorable and well worth your time.



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