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I've written a few poems that were published and I have published a children's book, Homer the Little Unicorn. I love to read books that have the characters fully developed such as Stephen King does with his books. It's great to read a book and feel like you know the characters, can see the place in your mind and it's like watching a movie when reading it. A Great writer makes the words come to life, IMO. Some of my work tends to be on the "social conscience" side and I try to make a difference with it.


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Ch 1 The Five Musketeers


  • by Tiffany B | about Jul 27

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    Pros: Scary, suspenseful, good character building.

    Cons: Chapters aren't coming fast enough so I can read what happens next. ;)

    Description: The horror story of Curakan is suspenseful.  The author, Donna B, very cleverly built each character to serve a purpose for each scene as the story unfolds. You do get the feeling that Curakan is powerful and are left wondering what will happen next, to whom and what kind of ending to expect. ...

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  • Tiffany B Enjoyed the bio's of each of the characters and how you threaded their details throughout. Also noticed your reference to Pippy Longstocking.I can recall checking out that book from the library when I was very young.